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Brrr!  It will be cold on the east coast through the weekend.

A reinforcing shot of bitter, Arctic air will prolong the long-lived cold outbreak across the Plains, Midwest, South and East into the end of this week, likely shattering more daily records and sending wind chills to dangerously cold levels.

To keep your wine shipments from freezing, please keep in mind that there are two options you can use to control shipments. One is adding a future ship date to the orders and two, putting specific states on weather hold.

If you have any questions about either of these processes, please contact your account manager.


Southern Route Temperature Control shipment update.

The last Southern Route Temperature Control shipments will be Friday, 12/22/2017. 

We will be offering this service once the temperatures heat up again. The states that are serviced on this route are:  TX, FL, AL, GA, LA. Please update your service levels as needed.

Note:  If an Order to TX, FL, AL, GA or LA gets sent through with a CST9 service level, the orders will ship on our Temperature Control truck to GLW and will be dropped into the FedEx Hub for final delivery.


WineDirect's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. 

As a company, it’s important to us not only to invest in our employees and our clients’ success, but in our entire community - both near and far.  

To start, in the wake of the devastating fires in Northern California, we made a $30,000 donation to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund, and through our matching offer generated more than $60,000. These funds will go directly to helping our friends and neighbors recover and rebuild.

In addition, we have partnered with WorldReader, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating illiteracy by creating unprecedented access to free digital books around the globe. By sponsoring the Al-Waleed School in Accra, Ghana, we provided 100 e-readers with over 10,000 books to 250 primary school students. Reading fosters critical thinking, increases empathy and provides opportunities enabling entire families to break the cycle of poverty.

Learn more here.