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Our online fulfillment portal provides immediate access to the information you need in order to WOW your customers.  One of the most advanced technology platforms in wine fulfillment; it offers an intuitive user interface and a wealth of immediately accessible information.

If you have any questions or comments,  please don't hesitate to contact the Client Services team.  We love hearing from you!

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Take the guesswork out of shipping during the winter months

Take the guesswork out of shipping during the cold, winter months.  Use our weather management tool on the WineDirect Portal to effectively manage your orders.

Remember, carriers do not reimburse claims that are the result of weather related damages. 

Here's a link to the documentation.   Let us know if you have any questions. 

Processing changes in the new year for Arizona DTC orders

Earlier this year Arizona changed it's direct-to-consumer shipping laws to open it up to wineries of all sizes.

As a result, WineDirect's 3-tier distribution network in that state is no longer necessary and starting January 1, we will begin to phase it out. In order to make the transition as seamless as possible for you, the 3-tier distribution network will be available until February 28, 2017. After that, all shipments to Arizona will need to be made under your own license. Shipping direct to Arizona under your own license will make it easier and faster for you to service your Arizona customers by lowering your fulfillment costs, decreasing the time-in-transit of your wine and streamlining returns.

The new law takes effect on January 1, 2017 and this week Arizona started accepting DTC license applications, available online here. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to take advantage of the new legislation and to avoid any disruption once we discontinue our local 3-tier distribution network in the new year.

More information about the new Arizona law and the license application process is available on our blog.

New Napa Fulfillment Center Coming in 2017

Coming in summer 2017, our brand new Napa fulfillment center features superior temperature control with insulated concrete walls, refrigeration and night-cooling. Our new Material Handling System is the best available in any industry, allowing us to provide you the highest level of order accuracy and more customized, flexible order options.