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Our online Fulfillment Portal provides immediate access to the information you need to provide superlative customer service. One of the most advanced technology platforms in wine fulfillment; it offers an intuitive user interface and a wealth of immediately accessible information.

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Book Your 2021 Club Shipping Dates Today!

As we head into the Spring Club Shipping Season, we're here to remind you to submit your Club Checklist as soon as possible to officially reserve your club shipping day.

Some things to note:

  • Dates are filling fast and we may have limited capacity on some dates
  • All dates are reserved on a first come, first serve basis
  • The Club Checklist is due, at the latest, 6 weeks prior to your ship date (the earlier the better)
    • Even if dates were pre-reserved, we will need the checklist to officially confirm the reservation

To reserve your club dates, please submit your completed Club Checklist to

2021 Rate Cards Coming Soon!

It's the time of year when our carriers announce their annual increase in shipping charges, which will go up by an average of 4.9%. As a result, WineDirect will also adjust shipping rates. The 2021 rate cards will be distributed throughout the month of January. Please contact your Account Manager with any questions. 

With ecommerce and shipping demand on the rise, we are continuously looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce transportation costs. That's why we operate multiple fulfillment centers enabling us to ship via ground to 90% of the US within 1-2 days, and why we offset 100% of carbon emissions from your DTC shipments.

We truly value your partnership and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Increased Order Processing Times

As a result of more consumers shopping online in 2020 than ever before, we - like all other retailers and shippers - still handling record-breaking volume. We're getting your shipments out the door as fast as we can, and as of now, that means there is potential for an additional 1-2 days for all order processing.

We are committed to protecting the well-being of our team while working around the clock to ship your wine as fast as possible.

Please note that these additional processing times are in addition to known carrier delays.

For more carrier updates and tips, please click here. For any questions and/or concerns, our Client Success Team is on standby to assist.

Leverage our Weather Holds feature to hold shipping to states experiencing extreme weather.

Want to pause shipping to a state experiencing a heat wave or extreme cold? We have a feature for you - Weather Holds!

Weather Holds will assist in holding back orders to any of the states you decide to configure for the facilities you wish.

WineDirect will only ship when you decide or when the Weather Hold expires. 

If you decide to release 50+ orders from Weather Hold or a Weather Hold with 50+ orders is about to expire, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager to plan and schedule. 

For the latest on carrier alerts, please click on the carrier specific Service Alerts - UPS,FedExGSO

Pandemic Update: All WineDirect facilities are open and operational!

We're happy to announce that we're starting to open up our warehouses for limited client-facing activities, such as physical inventory counts. To schedule your next inventory count, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Our Client Success Team continues to work from home, as a preventive measure, and ready to assist you with all your shipping needs.

For information on COVID-19 and updates to shipping, please visit our COVID-19 Shipping Updates page for the latest and greatest.

For more information on how WineDirect is responding to COVID-19, please click here.