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Our online fulfillment portal provides immediate access to the information you need in order to WOW your customers.  One of the most advanced technology platforms in wine fulfillment; it offers an intuitive user interface and a wealth of immediately accessible information.

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WineDirect's summer shipping program is back for 2017!

Like last year, all ground shipments with time-in-transit of more than two days can automatically be upgraded to UPS 2nd Day Air service. New for 2017, all 2nd Day Air shipments will be scheduled for AM delivery, further reducing the time your wine spends in transit.

There is one important change to pricing from last year. If your package ships via ground, you will pay your everyday, affordable ground shipping rate (no change). When your orders are upgraded to UPS 2nd Day Air for AM delivery, you will pay a special, reduced 2nd Day Air rate. 

Additionally, this year, we have significantly reduced the price and the weight of 6 and 12 bottle CoolPack shippers, resulting in further cost savings for you.

The program & rates are effective May 15 - Sept 15, 2017. Please click here for more details.  As always, feel free to reach to your account manager for more information. 

What Walmart's free shipping move means for wineries

Recently, Walmart announced that they would offer free 2-day shipping for all customers, undercutting Amazon's Prime membership.  As consumer expectations for free shipping continue to increase, here's what wineries need to know.

At WineDirect and Vin65, we are longstanding proponents of free (or heavily discounted) shipping because we know that it works.  The results of our 46Brix shipping and loyalty program show that.  In the end, you're not competing against other wineries for you customers' dollars, you're competing against Walmart and Amazon.  If your customers can't order wine from you and have it arrive within a few days for a low price, they are going to take their money elsewhere and buy a handbag or a pair of shoes.  Walmart's latest move makes that tradeoff even more stark. 

Please visit our website to download our whitepaper that discusses shipping incentives that work!

New Napa Fulfillment Center Coming in 2017

Coming in summer 2017, our brand new Napa fulfillment center features superior temperature control with insulated concrete walls, refrigeration and night-cooling. Our new Material Handling System is the best available in any industry, allowing us to provide you the highest level of order accuracy and more customized, flexible order options.